Storm Case Compared to Pelican and other competitors brands.

Feature Competitor Storm Case Advantage: Storm
Case Material Polypropylene or ABS HPX® High Performance Resin Far better impact resistance
Guaranteed for life

Narrow "Knuckle-Buster" Design
Pops Open When Dropped

Press & Pull Operation w/wide extra strength design
Stays closed when dropped

Greater strength with pain-free operation
More secure closure

Purge Valve

Manual Pressure Adjustment
Valve Screws Out

Vortex® Valve
Valve Won't Fall Out

Adjusts automatically to changing environments
No Lost Valves

Carry Handle Hard, One-Piece or thinly padded with harder rubber Durable inside Core w/ Soft Overlay More Comfortable to Carry
Nameplate Area Adhesive Labels

Adhesive labels recessed
3D Moulded in logo

Recessed labels to prevent damage / peeling.
Easy Customization
Permanent Molded-in logo's that can't fall off

Cubed Foam System Single Layer Multilayer Easily configured to specific needs
Custom Foam

Die-cut foam

Computer Cut Foam
Die-cut foam

Far Less Expensive
Economical 1 off designs

Panel Mount System

Plastic Frame
Screwed to interior, variable height

Extruded aluminum rails w/ molded corner pieces
Watertight, sealed rivet attachment

Stronger construction
Permanent, secure attachment for custom fit

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