Storm Case Interior Options

Empty Case option
Storm Case Padded Dividers
Pick and Pluck Cubed Foam
Empty Case Padded Dividers Cubed Foam (Polyester)
If your contents don't need padding, for example scuba gear, or bubble wrapped.

Interior cushioned box, with movable
dividers using velcro fastening.
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Layers of pick and pluck pre-scored
medium density foam.
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Pick and Pluck Cubed Foam
Custom Foam for Hardigg Storm Case
Empty Case option
Layered Foam (LD29 or Soft Polyether) Custom Cut Foam Fitted Foam Lining
Layers of foam, you trace your contents and cut the layers by hand, then bond together with glue provided.

Designed, computer cut and assembled for your specific application. A tailor made compartment for each item. Contact us for more details

Cases can be lined with various softnesses and thicknesses of foam sheeting.
Empty Case option
Storm Case Bezel Kits
Storm Trak Cases
Fitted Foam Buffers Panel Mounts Storm Trak Cases
Foam cushions bonded to the case interior at strategic points, ideal for very heavy contents.
Aluminium frame system for panel mount applications, choice of lid or base option. (installed for you).
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Telescoping handles and
rugged in-line wheels.
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Popular Accessories

Storm Case Lid Stays
Lid and Utility Organizers for Hardigg Storm Cases
Shoulder Strap For Hardigg Storm Cases
Lid Stays Lid/Utility Organizers Shoulder Strap
Stainless Steel robust lid stay system. Ideal for cases used on your lap, or in windy conditions. (installed for you).
Organize and separate small contents. Choose from document, item and tool organisers.
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Convenient 'click-on, click-off' removable straps for easy carrying (installed for you).